Random Photos – Week 11/15

Things that caught my eye last week:

Birds seem to pop up everywhere this week, these are the photos I finally settled on, a Red Robin, an Egret in the Early Morning, a Cormorant and Crows!  Yes, I finally managed to get a shot of crows, multiple crows – now I just need a close up.

Facts I learnt this week:  there are 2 types of dandelions growing in my lawn, who knew? Photographing a fairy isn’t easy!  Camellia Seed pods are bizarre.  The weird coloured cloud may be an alien mothership (that’s probably not a fact, but if it is you heard it here first).  Rainbows never look as good in a photo I take as they do in real life.  Ships with red sails are not necessarily invading raiders.

2 responses to “Random Photos – Week 11/15”

  1. That camellia seed pod looks like some kind of fruit. We have camellias here in the UK, but I’ve never seen the seed pod like that.

    Lovely bright colours on all the flowers, and I hope you helped the fairy on her/his way?

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    1. I did wish the fairy well as I released her 🙂

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