Sunday Evening

It’s nice to get to Sunday evening without panic setting in,
to not feel stressed and anxious,
as to what the next work day will bring.

To know I have a job that I enjoy going to,
with each Wednesday off
as a special bonus too.

It’s really quite conducive to bringing out my best,
To know each Monday morning
it’s just two days till I can have a rest!

© ceenoa

My New Business

Hi, just wanting to share my website for my new self-employment business venture.

I’ve just moved it here to WordPress, and I still need to do a little bit of tweaking to get it exactly how I want it, but that is the reason I came to WordPress, as at least here I CAN do that here, being familiar with WP quirks.

Although it is only relevant to a small part of a small state of a small piece of the world, it’s always nice to share things we are excited about.

Anyway, if you want to have a look, my site is called A Handful of Time.  I would love to get some constructive feedback if you feel so inclined.

Thanks           name-badge

Working Wednesday

Flowers from Work


Truffle Slaughter begins

Today I received Flowers, Chocolates and a Voucher for a local Day Spa from my work.  Today was the last Wednesday with my employer of the last 11+ years.   Today was my farewell, an odd thing, as until today (officially this Friday) I have been the longest employed person at my work, and it has been me fare-welling others.

It was an odd feeling for me today, as I have been away for 7 weeks on sick leave and handed in my resignation during that time, I kind of felt like an imposter, of a sort.  My work colleagues have always been good people, and today was a chance to say goodbye to them after my abrupt disappearing act from work life 7 weeks ago.  I feel particularly bad about not saying goodbye in person to my extended, geographically scattered-across-the-state team.  I did send an email to them this week, but it just feels not enough.  I’m going to miss them.

I am heading in a new life direction that I hope will allow me to become a happier and more contented person.  I will still keep a link with my employer, as a volunteer, and my boss (the CEO) has been wonderful in telling me that “the door is always open” and trying to entice me back to the fold somehow.  Who knows, if my new business venture does not pan out I just might make a comeback in a new incarnation!

Right now I’m off truffle hunting – I’m sure I saw one trying to hide behind the canister on the bench.





Return to Work

Today I returned to work,
a duty that I could not shirk,
I’ve had 5 weeks of leave,
a most joyous reprieve,
but now those free days are done.

It’s not that I don’t understand
the expectations life has of man
that at the end of the day
we should pay our own way
but I’d rather win Lotto instead.

So forgive me if I don’t seem happy
or my tone has turned a bit snappy
I’d got used to the time
that was all mine
but now it belongs to the clock.


Work Road Trip

The last two days of this week I had to go away for work, and I managed to get a couple of reasonable photos on my old camera, as I am still waiting for my new one to arrive.

Moorhen Bathing

Moorhen Bathing

This Moorhen in my backyard was bathing in a puddle on my path.

Still Water Port Huon, Tasmania
Still Water
Port Huon, Tasmania

These boats were taken just 3 minutes up the road.  Now I am not a fan of boat photos, but the water was still as glass and I could not resist the reflections.

Kelvedon Beach,  East Coast, Tasmania
Kelvedon Beach,
East Coast, Tasmania
Kelvedon Beach,  East Coast, Tasmania
Kelvedon Beach,
East Coast, Tasmania

Thursday was a beautiful day to be driving up the East Coast, but unfortunately due to time restrictions I didn’t really have an opportunity to take photos.  These two photos were taken on the roadside.  What you don’t see is the Panaorama photo I thought I had taken!  (The view extends in an arc over 180 degrees at this point).  It was beautiful on a 28 degree day – the sparkle on the water, the distant spume against the land making a little mist that hugged the coastline, and the lone tree, bent against the wind near the tumbledown wall.

A Friend on the Road, Fingal, Tasmania
A Friend on the Road, Fingal, Tasmania

Driving through country near Fingal I stopped to take a picture of a crow (which I didn’t get) and instead took this lovely face peering at the road. I love the shaggy ears.

Ruffled Feathers, Lake Dove, Oatlands, Tasmania
Ruffled Feathers, Lake Dulverton, Oatlands, Tasmania

This little black water bird amongst the Seagulls at lake Dulverton amused me, and the wind ruffling his feathers seemed opportune just after I clicked the button!

Windmill Oatlands, Tasmania
Oatlands, Tasmania

The working windmill at Oatlands.  I love the white sails against the blue sky, and it made a nice sound as it ticked over.

Odd Bird Out, Lake Dove, Oatlands, Tasmania
Odd Bird Out, Lake Dulverton, Oatlands, Tasmania

The black water bird again, love how he has actually merged with the seagull behind.  Lake Dulverton was abounding with birdlife of all kinds.

Hope you enjoyed my little road trip, next time I will allow more time so I can take some proper photos.

No Holiday Miracle

I was hoping they’d last for much longer,
than I really knew that they would,
but time has marched onward determined,
to be counted the way that it should.

So I’m starting to quietly panic,
because no miracle has occurred,
the days have not ceased to diminish,
and work can now not be ignored.

And you know that I really am grateful,
to have a job in these times,
it’s just at the end of the holidays,
I like to have my small whine.

I wish I was fabulously wealthy,
oh, rolling in fistfuls of dosh,
monied up, loaded or just filthy rich,
instead of having to work for my cash.

So I’ll buy a ticket for lotto,
who knows, luck might be with me,
if not, I’ll practice my breathing,
for going back to the 9 to 3.

© ceenoa

The Fuel of the World

I see them marching off to work,
encouragement clutched in hand,
their symbol of endurance grasped,
like a runner with the Olympic torch.

No dawdling gait, but at a brisk walk,
drones scurrying off to drudgery,
from plastic, cardboard, or thermos cup
sip quickly now – no time for talk.

A staple of the working day,
the fuel that runs the world,
the brown, crushed beans of sustenance,
– make mine a large latte!

© ceenoa

A Friday Nonsense

I need to write a poem, about what, I do not know,
I just need to get the words down, to make the blah blah go.

I’m feeling kinda worn out, the work week has been long,
so if I have a little tipple, that wouldn’t be too wrong?

It’s just a little glass of schnapps, a nice butterscotch licquer,
I only have the one, or two, on the side of caution I will err.

I’m just typing gibberish, and squashing up the letters,
if I could get my brain to work I’d write you something better.

This poem is about nothing, it’s as nothing as can be,
but nothing is much better, than something else, you see?

I could write about my daughter, wearing “Tardis” beanie, “Dalek” gloves,
watching Dr Who on telly is something that she loves.

I could write about the cats, sitting yowling at the door,
they’ve already had their tea, but still they’re wanting more.

But it’s just a little verse, about nothing much at all,
’cause that’s the way I’m feeling – I’ve hit the versing wall!

© ceenoa 6/6/2014

3 Ireland (22)

My day at Work

Today I had to drive 3.5 hours for a meeting, then another half an hour to another, then turn around and drive home.  It was a long day,but I was driving a brand new Subaru Outback, a tester for our new fleet replacement, so that was kinda nice, if worrisome that someone might do damage to it whilst I was driving it.

I left home at 6.45am, in the dark, and it wasn’t until about an hour later that the sun really started to make a difference.  By then I was heading up into the Midlands, and there was still lots and lots of frost on the paddocks, so it was looking quite white.  A couple of times there were beautiful photo opportunities, but they were inthe middle of the highway, so I just had to use my mental camera, and admire the view for myself.

I did manage to get a couple, so here they are:


This doesn’t look as nice in the picture as it was in reality.  Just back a bit from this place, when I was up on a rise, it looked like an island surrounded by a lake of white clouds.


It was -2degrees Celsius here, but it was so pretty to see the sun shine through the fog and sparkle the frost.


Saw this jet trail whilst driving further up the road (thought it might have been aliens invading)


Then later another.  This one was really long, twice as much more as what is in the picture, and I could also see the remains of two others as well.  By now I am thinking it’s definitely aliens, and will I get home before they land 🙂

I had my 2 meetings, drove home, picked up D1 who has come home for the night to soak in my bath (yay), and now I am drinking a glass of wine and eating Tim Tams and telling you about my day.  – Oh, and no damage to the car, phew.

Soon it will be sleepy byes time, and the weekend tomorrow.  Hope those aliens stay away.