So long, and thanks for the words

I’m taking a break from my blog
it’s become a really hard slog
to publish a post
when what I want most
is not to be bothered at all.

So thanks for all that I’ve read
and the images formed in my head
from your pictures and blurbs
and reading your words
has filled my heart with delight.

So it’s goodbye from me
and we shall see
if a 2019 blog is meant to be.

© ceenoa

P.S  I wish you all a safe, peaceful and loving Festive Season, may the Universe fill your hearts, and lives with joy and kindness overflowing.

Working Wednesday

Flowers from Work


Truffle Slaughter begins

Today I received Flowers, Chocolates and a Voucher for a local Day Spa from my work.  Today was the last Wednesday with my employer of the last 11+ years.   Today was my farewell, an odd thing, as until today (officially this Friday) I have been the longest employed person at my work, and it has been me fare-welling others.

It was an odd feeling for me today, as I have been away for 7 weeks on sick leave and handed in my resignation during that time, I kind of felt like an imposter, of a sort.  My work colleagues have always been good people, and today was a chance to say goodbye to them after my abrupt disappearing act from work life 7 weeks ago.  I feel particularly bad about not saying goodbye in person to my extended, geographically scattered-across-the-state team.  I did send an email to them this week, but it just feels not enough.  I’m going to miss them.

I am heading in a new life direction that I hope will allow me to become a happier and more contented person.  I will still keep a link with my employer, as a volunteer, and my boss (the CEO) has been wonderful in telling me that “the door is always open” and trying to entice me back to the fold somehow.  Who knows, if my new business venture does not pan out I just might make a comeback in a new incarnation!

Right now I’m off truffle hunting – I’m sure I saw one trying to hide behind the canister on the bench.