No Holiday Miracle

I was hoping they’d last for much longer,
than I really knew that they would,
but time has marched onward determined,
to be counted the way that it should.

So I’m starting to quietly panic,
because no miracle has occurred,
the days have not ceased to diminish,
and work can now not be ignored.

And you know that I really am grateful,
to have a job in these times,
it’s just at the end of the holidays,
I like to have my small whine.

I wish I was fabulously wealthy,
oh, rolling in fistfuls of dosh,
monied up, loaded or just filthy rich,
instead of having to work for my cash.

So I’ll buy a ticket for lotto,
who knows, luck might be with me,
if not, I’ll practice my breathing,
for going back to the 9 to 3.

© ceenoa

4 responses to “No Holiday Miracle”

  1. Good luck with lotto, Claudette. If like over here, in the UK, there is a huge Jackpot on offer because it’s being drawn on New Years Eve, then go for it. Remember “You have to be in it to win it”.

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    1. Yep, big one this weekend, and I have a ticket. 🙂
      Hope you have a great New Year.

      P.S. did you get enough Christmas socks for a centipede to warm his feet?

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      1. Yes I did. I got 15 pairs so I’m set up now until ‘shorts’ weather arrives here in the UK again 🙂

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  2. Yeah, it’s sad but it happens! Enjoy the next few days!

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