Emotography – Week 11/2016

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The perfect Plan for the Long Weekend
Chocolate, Books, Jigsaw, Polymer Clay and Imagination



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Weekend Sleep-In

I love a weekend sleep-in
there’s no sound of an alarm
to shatter pleasant dreams
and so I wake in peaceful calm.

I love a weekend sleep-in
when I’m snuggled in my bed
all wrapped up in the doona
with no worries in my head.

I love a weekend sleep-in
to wake up all refreshed
with time to sip my coffee
and no rushing to get dressed.

I love a weekend sleep-in
when you can hear the sounds
of nature as it wakens up
in this valley, echoing around.

at 5am the sound of trucks
that rumble down the road
the next door neighbours’ rooster
as it crows and crows and crows
the yowling of the fighting cats
and all the dogs that bark and yap
the revving of a car somewhere
and then a slam as they shut the door.

I’d love a weekend sleep-in
it’s my dearest fantasy
I’d love a weekend sleep-in
but alas, it’s not for me.

© C Woolley 22/3/2014