Not the C F Lullaby

Dear Bloggy-friend Lily, I promised you a lullaby, and I had composed a cracker of one driving to work on Tuesday, but as usual I had forgotten it by the time I was anywhere I could write it down.  All I remember now was that I was going to call it “The C F Lullaby”.  The C F was optional as to what it might signify, there were a couple of thoughts running through my head, and doubtless through yours also – please feel free to assign them at your leisure.

Anyway, the C F Lullaby has been lost to the swervy pathways of my verse-riddled brain, and this is what I came up with tonight.  It is nowhere as elegant as the first that I thought of – (I can safely say that as no-one other than me actually knows what I thought first, and all I can remember now is the feel of it – a bit clever, a bit neat, a bit soporific) – but I offer it in good faith, and great wishes that it may induce a state of  boredom, which will lead to sleep, if you read it enough times!

Hush painful body, please don’t make me cry,
I don’t have the energy, and you know that’s not a lie.
Please just let me lay here and try to go to sleep,
you know I’m over counting all the bloody sheep.

Hush aching body, relax here on the bed,
forget about the worries filling up my head.
Ignore my restless legs with an agenda of their own,
all I want to do now is find the sleep zone.

Hush stupid body, you make me feel so mad,
for all the things I cannot do, since I lost the life I had.
I’ve only got one purpose now, to sleep the night away,
so I can wake up with some energy to face another day.

Hush sleepy body, I am very thankful that,
we made it through the day somehow, and had this little chat.
So this same time tomorrow, when its time to sleep,
don’t make me sing this song again before unconsciousness I meet.

Weekend Sleep-In

I love a weekend sleep-in
there’s no sound of an alarm
to shatter pleasant dreams
and so I wake in peaceful calm.

I love a weekend sleep-in
when I’m snuggled in my bed
all wrapped up in the doona
with no worries in my head.

I love a weekend sleep-in
to wake up all refreshed
with time to sip my coffee
and no rushing to get dressed.

I love a weekend sleep-in
when you can hear the sounds
of nature as it wakens up
in this valley, echoing around.

at 5am the sound of trucks
that rumble down the road
the next door neighbours’ rooster
as it crows and crows and crows
the yowling of the fighting cats
and all the dogs that bark and yap
the revving of a car somewhere
and then a slam as they shut the door.

I’d love a weekend sleep-in
it’s my dearest fantasy
I’d love a weekend sleep-in
but alas, it’s not for me.

© C Woolley 22/3/2014