Reblog – I’ve been Thinking …. Determination

When is “Determination” a thinly veiled disguise for “Stubborn”?  With me, the defining line is extremely thin.

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Sometimes my determination to DO something is a good thing. Well, maybe it is more of a stubborn streak to be truthful, but “determination” is a much nicer sounding word to attribute to my need to get things done. Take, for example, my dripping mixer tap on my bathroom vanity. It had been dripping from […]

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Reblog – I’ve been thinking …Customer Service

It’s a dangerous job but someone’s got to do it!

Thinking that is – Customer Service should never be dangerous….unless you deal with reptiles, or poisonous spiders, or sharks, or delicate, fragile, explosive things … well, actually it might be dangerous to a lot of folk now that I think about it, but I’m not talking about them today.  Sorry you lot, you’ll have to get someone to write a post about your dangerous customer service skills, I just don’t have that experience.

Anyway since I seem to be doing all my thinking over on my other blog, here is my latest thoughts that I have thunk.  You can read the full article by clicking on the link below.  You can leave comments wherever you please, here or there – see, that’s good customer service, letting you make your own choices 🙂

Well, more truthfully, the lack of it! It seems old-fashioned customer service is a thing of the past (and I’m not that old,… really, I’m not!). Looking for a definition of Customer Service, I came across this one which I like, it’s from an article on “Customer service is the act of taking care […]

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My New Business

Hi, just wanting to share my website for my new self-employment business venture.

I’ve just moved it here to WordPress, and I still need to do a little bit of tweaking to get it exactly how I want it, but that is the reason I came to WordPress, as at least here I CAN do that here, being familiar with WP quirks.

Although it is only relevant to a small part of a small state of a small piece of the world, it’s always nice to share things we are excited about.

Anyway, if you want to have a look, my site is called A Handful of Time.  I would love to get some constructive feedback if you feel so inclined.

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An Univiting Text

I am feeling aghast, I freely confess,
to read the message you sent by text,
for when did it become considered normal,
to conduct business in a way so informal?

“Can we show your home 11am sat morning”,
arrived on my phone without any warning,
no name from whom sent, no polite courtesies,
making me feel unimpressed and less than well pleased.

To consider your fee – if the sale was successful,
measured next to your service – leaves me feeling resentful,
your “Customer Service” is not worth the commission,
so I think that the contract needs a revision.

I propose to include, in print plain and clear,
words, that to a salesman, will invoke fear,
Unless you can show some respect to me,
You can forget your huge whopping fee!

© ceenoa