Random Photos – Week 33/15

8 responses to “Random Photos – Week 33/15”

  1. I thought the way you framed the egret was great! Loved the reeds pic too! But your ice bubble looks like it has a tiny animal trapped inside it.I ope he got out when it melted.

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    1. Merrin said that too. I can assure you there was not any animal, I blew the bubble myself and watched it ice over, it’s just the grass. 🙂


      1. But that’s amazing that a bubble would ice over!

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        1. I saw some other hotos and thought I would try it. It took about 30seconds to a minute once it touched the frosted grass, don’t think it was really cold enough here, but in other places they freeze nearly instantly I’m told. Google it, there are amazing photos.


  2. Beautiful photos Claudette. The frost ones are stunning. I love the scarlet robins here but have not managed to get close enough to get a photo yet.

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    1. I was walking and thinking, as you do, about how we often look down but not up, so I did, and there he was. 🙂

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  3. Great photos, especially the birds. Claudette. You would have some snowy ones too from recent weather and the news shots of Mount Wellington?

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    1. Sadly I did not get any snow photos. On those days I was working at home (and I don’t have tv). When I have been in Hobart I have been stuck at work all the time. Just the way life is sometimes. 😦


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