“I Don’t Do Happy”

I have a cousin who, when questioned about her life, would say “I don’t do happy”.  For a while there I though this was quite a sensible thought.  My life felt dark, empty, full of grief and sadness, and I couldn’t imagine that it would get better in any way that would allow me to be “happy” again.  I was quite attracted to the idea of going around saying “I don’t do happy” to any person who asked how I was.  Thank goodness I got over it.

Ok, so I am not the SAME happy as I was when my husband was alive, when we were raising our family, life was good, and we thought we had years to look forward to, and our favourite saying was “I want to grow old and senile with you”.  But I am happy in that each day I get to spend time with my children, be in this beautiful place I live in, be fortunate enough to be able to pay my bills and still have a bit left over to fritter from time to time, smell the fresh air, remember my memories, and even that I can still feel sad whilst knowing that I won’t stay forever in that moment.

So, now I try to think  “I Do Happy”, which is why I have changed my tagline line ever so slightly, from “happiness in everyday events” to    ….“happiness in every day”.

This makes me happy
This makes me happy

thanks for listening