Words I don’t live by

“To thine own self be true”

“Live each day as if it is your last”

“Don’t worry, be happy”


Just a few examples of thoughts that i have given up trying to emulate, due to the relationship I have with food.

If I followed the examples above I would;

A) accept that I will never be thin again, and not angst/feel guilty over the fact that I like to eat yummy food.

b) if it’s my last day to be alive, why would I waste it dieting?  Wouldn’t I want to eat that fabulous dessert, drink the exotic cocktail, eat the doughnuts, bread or pasta of my dreams?


c) eat what I wanted, whenever I wanted, and not worry! (About the fact that my waistline is an ever expanding elastic string about to reach it’s explosion point, that my weight increases the risk of all sorts of very nasty diseases that lead to shortness of life span, that clothes are a pain to find in my size, blah, blah, etc, blah.

SO, in conclusion, these are the words they should have said:

“To thine own self be true”but only after you’ve read the self-help book (after all, who knows you better than someone you have never met, but has managed to be a multi-million dollar best seller of self help books?)

“Live each day as if it is your last”but remember – hopefully – it probably isn’t (so just eat the celery and carrots and lettuce and try to ignore all the lovely food that calls like a siren to you.)

“Don’t worry, be happy”but realise that hardly anyone actually achieves this on a day-to-day basis (so embrace your worry – you might be successful in smothering it if you hug it hard enough!)

13 responses to “Words I don’t live by”

  1. Oh you *huggles* 🙂 There’s a lot of truth in that…

    However, I think the people who recommend loving yourself and being happy anyway are onto something 🙂 On really awful days I have been known to eat an entire tub of icecream by myself, if I’m happy I can leave some in the tub for later.. Or biscuits. Or cake. Or lasagne (although I don’t think I ever ate a whole lasagne..) Or whatever else 😉

    Do you walk? I used to and really ought to start again…

    What also helps, at least on the losing weight front, is developing allergies to practically everything. Food becomes more depressing than upcheering when most of it makes you hurt, and you end up tired of going foodshopping when you can walk directly past 80% of everything on display. I’m almost 3kg down since June…


    1. Oh you poor thing {Hug}. That sounds terrible for you. Is there hope that you will improve on the allergy thing?

      Thank you for your kind thoughts. I do try to practice happiness, but sometimes I don’t do as well as others 🙂

      I used to walk, and hoping to start again now since it is Spring here, I do enjoy it when I get started, it’s just the getting started!


      1. I certainly hope there’s hope!! 😉

        To be honest, no one’s really sure it’s allergies anyway – maybe there’s just a really fussy goblin in my stomach who thinks it’s funny to poke me when I don’t eat what he likes…

        They’re still working on various ideas so I suppose I’ll find out soon.

        Happiness is a strange thing, I think it’s a bit like the sun. Theoretically it’s always there but sometimes clouds get in the way.. I don’t think you can really have competitions about who’s better than who at happiness. Sometimes it’s cloudy where I am and sometimes it’s cloudy where you are and sometimes it’s cloudy everywhere. I try to remember that it exists even when I can’t see or feel it.

        Does it snow properly where you are?


        1. Where I live, in a valley, we get a snow on the ground every decade or so. But each winter the hills are covered with snow.

          It’s always nice to ponder things, to find new ways of saying what we do in our lives.

          It is spring here now and I am looking forward to many sunny days. 🙂


  2. How about “Sieze the day – not the chocolate bar” 🙂


    1. 🙂 I’d still take the chocccie bar any old day 😉

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      1. Hahaha me too… ahh well it is a daily battle. So far today I am winning, why is it that winning by not eating chocolate sometimes feels like losing?


        1. It’s the denial. Always makes me cranky, especially when I know that I am doing it to myself.

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          1. I know. I really need to set aside some time to learn about nutrition properly and have time each week to organise my food. I think preparation is the key, but I seem to lack time for it every week. I need some serious time out to organise myself LOL.


            1. Ah, preparation – I hate it when it relates to food. I don’t like thinking about food as such, I just want to eat it! I don’t enjoy cooking, which is a bit strange as I enjoy eating. Give me instan,t mouth watering food and I would be happy (my scales won’t be, but heck, you can’t please everyone).

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              1. Haha see I love cooking and experimenting – I hate the clean up afterwards, but it is also about having the time to do that 🙂
                Some of my posts concern my “Try something new” New Years resolution and there is a lot of food there hahaha. I guess I need to somehow steer myself towards enjoying creating foods that are good for you… ugh.


                1. I’d rather do the cleaning any day.
                  In relation to food I think your last statement is somewhat of an oxymoron in my life – if its good for you its not good for YOU. 🙂

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                  1. Agreed! Or if it is good for you it tastes like cardboard or that wafer stuff they serve at communion in churches 🙂

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Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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