Playing with Spoons on a Sunday

I’ve enjoyed my day today, finishing off some jewellery that has been on my table for a while.

This necklace with large polymer beads is not my usual style, but I thought I would try making something different.
It is interspersed with glass, plastic and metal beads, and strung on sparkly thread.

Long Poly Beads

Spoons ARE my thing at the moment.Ā  This lovely glass piece found it’s soul-spoon today.

Black Crackle (1)

This spoon is full of tiny little curls I drilled from the beads on the necklace at the top.
Not sure whether to leave it as is, for the texture, or top it with clear resin.

small curls (2)

However you spent your Sunday, I hope you enjoyed it.

thanks for listening

10 responses to “Playing with Spoons on a Sunday”

  1. What’s the difference between polymer clay and normal clay?

    And what do you use to drill the holes?


    1. Polymer Clay is baked in a normal domestic oven at 130 degrees C to harden/fire it. Can’t tell you the chemical properties, but Google can I am sure. I just drill it with a normal drill bit in the battery drill.


      1. That’s pretty cool šŸ™‚ I used to love smooshing clay, but for somr reason I’ve hardly touched any since I left school.. šŸ˜¦

        But you drill into round beads! How do you keep them still??


        1. mostly i pierce them with a needle whilst they are still wet, then follow that with a slow drill after they are cooked. I hold the bead in one hand and the drill rests on the edge of that table in the other.


  2. Does that spoon work like a pendant?


    1. Yes, Put our choice of stringing item through and there you have a necklace.


      1. I love that idea! But I dunno how you put that design on the spoon… Can I try it, too? I’m not that creative but I want unique accessories…


  3. I love that glass piece, Claudette. It looks like it is alive!


    1. Thank you. Just wish I had had a larger bit of the coloured dichroic, but only had the teeny bit. That is what life is like I guess


      1. I feel your pain!! I have often been disappointed by teeny dichroics!! šŸ™‚


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