Zero to Hero – Day 12: Community Inspirations

Today in Bloggin101 we are supposed to create a post based on one of the comments we left yesterday.

I’m going to talk about something that interests me, Handmade.  Yesterday I left a comment on the blog Handmade Australia Blog, the post I commented on was handmade blogging hints and tips.

I make handmade jewellery, and sometimes housewares.  I sell through a local shop that specialises in local handmade items.  Well, sometimes I sell, more often I don’t.  My hometown is a tourist town, so in the off season (which we are approaching now) there isn’t much going on.  I have also have a shop on etsy since 2012, but I have never sold anything through that.  Etsy is just too big for a little handmade fish like me, unless you really get into all the networking side of things, you are lucky if you ever get anyone to see your shop at all.

I do have a facebook page and my website, but again, you really have to do the whole networking thing, and I never really have, mainly because I just don’t have the time.  Handmade for me is a hobby, I love making things. I love the tactile pleasure of smooshing (very technical term) polymer clay.  I love sanding and polishing the clay to get a soft and silky feel on the finish.  I love, love, love hammering metal.  I love melting glass (although I have to be careful with the glass, because I always want to grab it with my hands, which is a big NO NO when it is like molten lava).

So, making handmade is what I love.  Selling and marketing handmade, not so much.

So when I get the time I will be going back to that blog and reading some more of his posts, who knows, I just might find some hints and tips to make things easier.


4 responses to “Zero to Hero – Day 12: Community Inspirations”

  1. Wow, I love handmade stuff, and I really admire and respect people who do just that. I love to indulge in making handmade stuff as well, but unlikely you talented people, I take such a long time planning and planning and doing and making changes. The doing part is like only 10% of the whole process… I spend way too much time on planning and making changes haha just to make it perfect. Anyway, please do keep me updated on your handmade jewellery and your other works. Hmm, maybe you can even post tutorials about it so I can attempt making them, which will come in handy when I’m wooing my crush in the future.

    Take care! Greetings from Singapore btw!


    1. Greetings from Tasmania. I’m not much of a planner, I end to have an idea in my head of what I want to make, but I can guarantee that it doesn’t come out through my hands. When you make stuff, what do you make?
      Hope you have a lovely day on your side of the world.


      1. Hmm the things I made? I use to make a lot of stuff for my girlfriend when we were still together. Like I was so fixated on the thought that girls like handmade stuff hahaha so I kept making them and making them. It was fun tho. I did like pop up letter origami, those pop up flowers that appear when your turn the pages of a jotter book, and a handmade sack with letters and shells on it haha among other things 🙂


        1. Nice. Good that you took the time to do that, hope she was impressed.


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