I am a meerkat
why I’m called that I don’t know
for if I had my own choice
there’s a different title I’d bestow
upon myself and family
and relatives untold
from beginning to the here and now
from youngest to the old
there’s nothing “meer” about us
we’re sleek and cute and fine
so for better recognition
it really is the time
to call us by our proper name
– the solution is quite neat
just take away the word “meer”
and substitute with “great”

© ceenoa  23.5.2014

8 responses to “Meerkat”

    1. I love it! (Probably because I love meerkats!)


      1. There is something very lovable about them, their little faces, they way the stand, their fur 🙂


    2. Thanks Meredith 🙂


  1. Im a big fan of the meerkat and have pondered the same question. Well versed, great read 🙂


    1. Thanks, the idea just popped into my head and I had to write (they are the best ideas, when you don’t have to overthink).


  2. I have a friend who has the nickname ‘Meerkat’. Not because he looks like one, but because he talks like the one we have over here in the UK who features in a TV commercial. Since the commercial was launched, there is now a whole meerkat family and they have a huge following here in the UK. Their punchline is “Simples”. Say that to any British person and they will probably know what you are talking about.


    1. 🙂 There is one on Facebook, quite funny are his adventures.


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