The Diet Wars

Go on and eat the biscuit, it’s the last one on the plate
you know you really want too, and I have to watch my weight.

I’d eat it soon as look at it, sitting there it tempts me so
so I have to use my willpower, and tell my taste buds NO.

I really wish you’d take it, it’s no use keeping one
it’s just asking to be eaten, take a bite, and have it done.

You’re sure that you don’t want it? Or another cup of tea?
you really are quite skinny, not anything like me.

It was nice to have you over, I enjoyed our little chat
oh damn, she left the biscuit, now what will I do with that?

She knows I can’t resist it, sitting smugly on its plate
a little lonely Tim Tam, oh hell, there goes my weight!

© ceenoa  23.5.2014

10 responses to “The Diet Wars”

  1. This made me chuckle Claudette. My sister recently visited me from Australia and she left me some Tim Tams, but as yet I have not opened the packet! I may dive into the packet this afternoon with a nice of cup of tea.


    1. Oh, enjoy them Hugh, I particularly love the white chocolate ones you can get now. Whereabouts does your sister live?


      1. She now lives in Brisbane and has already told me she won’t be coming back to the UK. I hope to visit someday, but not quite sure when as yet.


        1. Brisbane is nice. Hope you get out to visit her.


  2. Great post thanks for sharing this


  3. Funny!


    1. Yes, I enjoyed writing this one.


  4. Can’t believe a tiny biccy can beat a daughter of mine!Good poem


    1. You better believe it 🙂


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