Question 17 – Cucumber Murder

This question is brought to you courtesy of my youngest daughter who, whilst I was blithely slicing a cucumber for a salad, remarked that did I know that they feel pain (having a cucumber version of a “nervous system”).


At least I could not hear it screaming (being as I am an older person who has lost that part of the hearing range), but it did raise the question:

How do you humanely kill a cucumber?


5 responses to “Question 17 – Cucumber Murder”

  1. With a sledgehammer? Teheheh


    1. 🙂 bit of overkill perhaps?


      1. Not at all hehe 😉


  2. How about leaving them underwater so they drown? Or can they swim?


    1. Mmm, not sure about if they swim, think they float! Drowning is supposed to be a reasonably “nice” death, so they say, how they know is beyond me though. 🙂


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