Question 20: When is a cat not a cat?

Last night, hearing lots of thumps and bangs from the back deck, I intrepidly went to investigate the source of the noise.
Something was eating the dry cat food, something that wasn’t a cat!
It was about the same size as a cat, it had the same number of legs as a cat.
It had a snout – not like a cat, and it hopped – again, not like a cat.
What was it?  I think it was a Bandicoot, but it hopped of so fast it was hard to tell.

So the question is:  why are my cats so pacifist that they sit there and watch the wildlife eat their tea?


6 responses to “Question 20: When is a cat not a cat?”

  1. Cause one is half blind and the other is fat haha


    1. this could be true 🙂


  2. Maybe they are too well fed and know there will be more coming {or they think there is enough war in the world}


    1. possibly they are just being cats, contrary!


  3. They obviously like to share. I bet at night, they all have a party together, when the rest of the world sleeps. I’d say they are all the best of fiends 🙂


    1. I think they are just weird. They sit there and watch the wildlife eat their food, they stray cat comes and eats their food, and then they yowl at me!


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