Dip my Head

I dip my head
under the water, to be re-assured
my heart still beats
rhythmic and strong
pulsing life throughout my body
I hold my breath, it gently slows
just like my grief
I must let go

© ceenoa 10/5/2014


6 thoughts on “Dip my Head

    • Claudette 07/08/2014 / 7:34 am

      Thanks Nida. In a strange way it is life affirming to me, we don’t give much thought to how our body works, and to hear the confirmation is reassuring.


  1. ChristineR 11/09/2014 / 12:20 pm

    Hello Claudette, I haven’t been to your blog for ages, so catching up. I try not to comment on too many older posts, but a ‘like’ just wasn’t good enough for these lovely words. Beautiful. ❤


    • Claudette 11/09/2014 / 4:35 pm

      Thanks Christine, you’ve made my stats go through the roof today, wordpress just told me 🙂
      I am happy for you to comment on old or new. I think some of my best stuff is stuck in the past 😉
      This little poem arose in my mind and I had to keep reciting it till I got to the computer some time later.


Happiness is kind words from a friend .....

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