Question 21: Addition and Subtraction in English

Why does ……

“Good” subtracting a letter (which is a negative) spell “God”
“Evil” adding a letter (which is a positive) spell “Devil”?

Just something I ponder over in the depths of the sleepless night.

6 responses to “Question 21: Addition and Subtraction in English”

  1. Ah, the fight between good and evil will always be so don’t lose any sleep trying to sort out the grammar of it.

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  2. Maybe you’re looking at it wrong… maybe you should start with God. When he does stuff he adds to it and it becomes good. The devil takes away from whatever he’s working on an it becomes evil….


    1. I guess you could look at it that way 🙂 I just find the words interesting 🙂


      1. Definitely interesting 🙂

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  3. I hope it wasn’t my silly questions post that got you sleepless nights as well? I’m pleased to say I’m sleeping again now, but I know that those questions are never far away.


    1. No Hugh,:) just random questions that pop into my head. Good to know you’re sleeping again.


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