Question 22: Do snails smell?

The obvious answer would be yes, if you squash them they probably do.

However, that is not what I meant.

  They are so close to the ground and all sorts of aromas may abound.

Do snails have a sense of smell?


Source: Creative Commons Wikipedia

5 responses to “Question 22: Do snails smell?”

  1. “Cause they can, or how else do they KNOW where the tender new shoots of my plants are waiting for them?

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  2. Oh, skybright1 beat me to answering this question. They must have some sense of smell to sniff out the right kinds of leaves and shoots.


    1. Maybe its all in their feet – well, foot. Maybe they can sense the new shoots growing with thier slippery, silve ooze making foot. I mean, where would they keep their nose? Their eyes are on their antennae, which doesn’t leave much room for noses!


  3. My first reaction was yes they are stinky slimy horrible things… but then actually read what you had typed in 🙂 Very interesting, as Skybright has pointed out they must have to know. Luckily here on the coast we do not have so many, mostly caterpillars eating up everything beautiful!!


    1. Oh caterpillars, don’t get me started on those! We had a version on our gum tress, that sting like a million jackjumper bites when you accidentally brushed past them. They also would kill the gum tree. Luckily they seem to have been missing for the last few years.

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