One Word Photo Challenge: Navy

Taken me all week to see what was right in front of me for the Navy challenge!

Navy (2)

9 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Navy”

  1. looks like an entire blue universe within another. Beautiful!


    1. Thanks Nida. I did love making this glass, I have 3 pieces of a similar sort, 2 still waiting to find their right setting.


  2. wow – stunning! Am I reading your comment right…you made this? It is beautiful, what a talent.


    1. Thanks Jenny. Yes I made it – the glass bead (which I slumped flat) and then I made the ring shank that is sits on. The only thing I did not make was the ring edging/bezel that I set the glass in – I bought that secondhand.

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      1. What an amazing thing to do! That is so impressive. Thank you for the explanation – I am in awe! :o)


        1. How nice of you to say that. It is a hobby of mine to make jewellery things. Haven’t done anything for months and had things sitting in half finished states, so finishing this on the weekend was a major accomplishment for me. 🙂

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  3. Very beautiful. It also makes me think of galaxies and planets – all the better 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Thanks Jennifer. The 3 pieces I have like this I did describe as “Galaxy”. Nice to know others get the same impression of them.


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