Frazzled Friday

I have been away from home all week for work, so feeling a bit frazzled this evening.  Have suffered a bit with withdrawal symptoms from my laptop (I didn’t take mine with me as I already had a work one to lug around – but just not the same).

So, the only photos this week are the Lotus Plant I bought on Saturday, the two I took whilst driving north on Monday and the “Spirit of Tasmania” Ferry that went past my window every morning and night – blowing it’s horn loudly I might also add.

5 responses to “Frazzled Friday”

  1. Welcome Home. I would sing you that Peters & Lee song with the same words, but I can’t sing (even though I’m Welsh!)

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    1. Thank Hugh. It is so good to be home 🙂 I wouldn’t mind even if you can’t sing 😉

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      1. I found Peter’s & Lee to sing you that song Claudette. Honestly, you would not want to hear me singing 🙂 Enjoy


        1. Wow, you went to so much effort. 🙂 Thanks, that was great. Fashion sure has changed, eh? But musci stays the sy over centuries, really. Ok, maybe they styles changes, but it’s still (mostly) voices with rhythm. (we won’t alk about RAP) 😉
          Thanks again Hugh, really touched.

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  2. You’re very welcome and “Welcome Home” once again 🙂

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Happiness is kind words from a friend …..

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