Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #16

Released from my haunt
I wander aimlessly lost
Beyond ties that bind

© ceenoa

7 responses to “Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #16”

  1. Nice haiku, Claudette. In spirt (excise the pun!) with it being almost Halloween. I think it tells a great ghost story.


    1. Nope, no Halloween for me, I’m an Aussie, we don’t do it 🙂
      Yes, it could be taken as a ghost story, but it came from a different part of y life.


  2. Hi Claudete, I like it, some people really need the haunt, ghosts to keep going!

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    1. Yep, gives you a focus, something to hold onto. Getting lost is not just about being lost (if you get my meaning).

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  3. I kind of see this as a haunt in the way of a place, is in that place is my old haunt I used to hang out in. At least that is what I am putting in my rewind. Loved the usage. Even if I am wrong.


    1. Thanks, Ronovan. I guess that is the beauty of words, they can mean many things. I really like what other people read, because it makes their connection to my words.
      For me this related to the death of my husband, and how hanging on to that loss, and then letting it go, made me feel.

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  4. […] of to search and find happiness in everything, gives us what I call   “My Haunt“. A use of haunt in the way of a place rather than a ghost or memory I […]


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