Language of Stones

In the tracery of lichen,
in the cracks between the whole,
the truth of you remembered,
etched eternal in my soul.

Long years have slowly weathered
all the memories I knew,
yet stone retains the language
of love, of loss, of you.

8 responses to “Language of Stones”

  1. beautifully sad – a wonderful composition. thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You have such an ear for rhythm, Claudette. This is lovely.


    1. Thanks Nate. That makes my day coming from you. i admire your writing a lot.


  3. This is really beautiful, Claudette! Emotion so raw but still clothed in gorgeous words and images. Wonderful.


    1. Oh, thank you Splendid Empress. Your writing is always so elegant, so I appreciate your comment deeply.


  4. I like this–I’m wondering if your heart has turned to stone because of grief, or if I’m misreading. Regardless, I really do like your writing!


    1. Thank you TriGirl. It’s a fair bit of that, and also a bit of memories failing, but one remaining written in stone.

      Actually, not sure that explanation makes it any clearer. 🙂


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