Weekly Random Photos

Sometimes you just see weird things!

All in the same day!

3 responses to “Weekly Random Photos”

  1. Now that elephant fountain (it is a fountain isn’t it?) is so cool. Just a shame my garden is not big enough for it. I like the Zebra as well, but it does look a little like a ‘blow up’ one, not that I’ve ever seen a ‘blow up’ Zebra. This reminds me to always to remember to take my iPhone with me to catch the kind of shots you have caught here, Claudette.


    1. Hi Hugh, yep the zebra was a bit “off” – think they are made of cement/fibreglass or something. They were all in the front yard.

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  2. Some back yard. Must have been huge. I think the elephants would have taken up all of my back yard.

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