Words are not like Dogs

Words are not like dogs
coming when called
faithful companions and loyal friends.

Words are like cats
elusive and aloof
appearing only when they choose
demanding your attention
then leaving mid-thought.

If you do not seek their company
they will be there
chiding you for ignoring them
clamouring to be admired.

Words are not like dogs.

6 responses to “Words are not like Dogs”

  1. This is so true. I ❤️ this. What a great comparison.


    1. Thank you Rachel. You have a lovely blog. I’m lookig forward to seeing more of you in my reader.

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  2. LOVE the first stanza.

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  3. This is amazingly accurate. One of those moments where “how have I not realised this before?!” comes to mind. Well written too, as always 🙂

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    1. Thanks Marigold. Struggled a bit with the words (cats were playing up) so still not completely happy with it, but it gets the gist of it across.

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