Weekly Random Photos

4 responses to “Weekly Random Photos”

  1. Beautiful photos, and I really like the names you’ve given to them, especially ‘persistance’. What is a strawberry tree?

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    1. Thanks Marigold. I’m not sure what it is actually called (I used to know), it is just what my sister calls it (it is in her garden) Googling it just now confirmed it is NOT a Strawberry tree because it’s flowers are totally different. 🙂
      Yes, “persistance” is a lovely photo and just seemed to be what it was all about.

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  2. Lovely photographs as ever, Claudette. I love the Christmas beatle. It must be wonderful seeing all those colours in the garden at Christmas time. Over here, our Spring bulbs are just peeking through the ground and it’s only the 2nd day of Winter. I hope they dont get caught out.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. Hope your bulbs don’t get to eager to come out early. 🙂

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