Random Photos – Week 8/15

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  1. Mr Robin is my favourite bird. Sums up Christmas to me. My father always told me that Mr Robin was the messager of Santa Claus and reported back to the North Pole about my behaviour. I still believe that story to this day 🙂

    I’m very impressed with your photos, Claudette. Seems to have got that camera working perfectly for you.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. I’m still not completely happy with it – I love the zoom, but sometimes the photos are not as sharp as I want them because of it. I may yet revert back to my old one and forfeit the zoom, but will keep trying for a bit longer yet. I love taking photos of birds, but they are too fast for me normally. This little chap (or chapette) was flitting around on Sunday and I was in the right spot and the right time.

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  2. I know what you mean in photographing birds. I’ve tried so often and as soon as I start to take the picture, they fly off! Toby is like that as well. I get the perfect pose from him, ready for a photo, and then he goes and moves.

    Practice makes perfect is the phrase, Claudette, and you are doing a great job.

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  3. I love the lake. So pretty! I want to go there! Where abouts is it?

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    1. Hi DTB, it is actually a river – the Huon River, taken at Castle Forbes Bay, Tasmania. As you can see it is pretty wide at this point, and also very pretty!

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      1. Gorgeous spot! I’ve never been to Tas, but really want to.

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        1. You should – it is beautiful whichever part you are in. I, of course, think my part is the best!

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          1. I really want to. I am hoping to at the end of this year.

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            1. Make sure you come to the Huon Valley then

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