Bald is Beautiful (I hope) – Worlds Greatest Shave

Patiently waiting for my Hats to arrive, and frantically trying to learn “20 different ways to tie a scarf”!
Played “Wigs” with my Mum and daughters on the weekend, it is amazing how different they can make you look.
At his late stage it does not look like I am going to reach my personal goal, but at least I have raised some money.
SO, only 3 more sleeps till we three are bald.

3 heads with hair (2)

2 responses to “Bald is Beautiful (I hope) – Worlds Greatest Shave”

  1. My congratulations, how brave of you all! I have often thought of it and just couldn’t go through with it so I applaud you greatly. Where and when do I sign up to donate. It wouldn’t be for much but I will donate a small amount just tell me where to go 🙂

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    1. H karen, thank you for your kindness. There is a link in the reblog post OR you can donate online if you go to then click on the sponsor button then search fro my name Claudette Woolley.
      Once again, thanks muchly. Anything over $2 is tax deductible and the site will issue you a tax receipt.

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