Guilt leads to Baldness …really!

I’ve been feeling guilty that I didn’t take part in The Worlds’ Greatest Shave this year.  When I was having afternoon tea with Mum yesterday, she mentioned that she has nearly raised $9000 dollars in donations for the Leukaemia Fondation.  What an absolutely fantastic effort.  She even dyed her hair green the week before she shaved it off (the first time she has ever had dyed hair in 81.5 years).

{Mum, if you are reading this – STOP NOW – you’ll spoil the surprise}

After talking to her Guilt nudged me in the ribs, rather sharply I must say … again.

When I got home this afternoon I made an on the spot decision to shave all my hair off (plus, as I was having a bad hair day with a little sticky-up-bit on top of my head, it was so satisfying to say “take that hair!” as I shaved it all off).  Yes, I’m a bit extreme sometimes.  🙂

As I said:  Guilt leads to Baldness.  True story!

So, if you feel moved by my impetuous action, and/or wish to assuage my guilt at not participating in the first place, please donate to my Mums’ page since I don’t have one of my own this year.  I also like the idea that random people she doesn’t know might suddenly start donating to her  – I’m not telling her I’ve done this just yet.

So, if you feel kindly disposed Mum’s donation page can be reached by clicking on this link:…/FundraisingPage…

Shave Day

Today was the day
to get rid of the greyThe Grey

“I’ll get it dyed” you might hear some say
But I had in mind a more radical way

Shave Day (38)

I did the Big Shave
Fundraising to save

Shave Day (74)

Research for a Cause
we all can applaud

Shave Day (62)
Three Generations of “Shavers”

So if you want to see
a world Cancer free
take a moment to help
and sponsor me.


Please click here to Sponsor Me


“Worlds Greatest Shave” – The Leukaemia Foundation



To my fellow bloggers who took the time and made the effort to sponsor me, I really appreciate your donation, and as promised in my previous post I have made a further donation myself in honour of yours.

The DEED will be done AGAIN

It’s that time of year again – Shave Time!

March 12th is the date this year when will be shaving head, right down to a No.1, for the Worlds Greatest Shave. Any money I raise will go to the Leukemia Foundation here in Australia, to help those suffering from cancer.

My daughter, my 80 year old Mother and I have again formed a team and hope to raise more than last years total of $3694 (all raised in 2 weeks).  For every  sponsor I get from Blogland I plan to donate another $10, so if you are kind enough to donate please leave a comment.

If you would like to sponsor me to help raise money for a worthy cause, and want to see my “bald” photos, -well, even if you don’t want to see my bald photos – you can donate on my profile page on the Leukemia Foundation website.

This post shows what I looked like last year, and the poem I wrote about the experience.


my hair is gone
and fallen
upon the salon floor
black & grey
fine curly strands
adorn my head no more.

I feel quite liberated
like a weight has been removed
I could dance the light fandango
and get right in the groove
I highly recommend it
being bald’s the way to go.

Bald is Beautiful (I hope) – Worlds Greatest Shave

Patiently waiting for my Hats to arrive, and frantically trying to learn “20 different ways to tie a scarf”!
Played “Wigs” with my Mum and daughters on the weekend, it is amazing how different they can make you look.
At his late stage it does not look like I am going to reach my personal goal, but at least I have raised some money.
SO, only 3 more sleeps till we three are bald.

3 heads with hair (2)