Death – A Short Paragraph Story

A quick, sharp death was all that was given as the glory of youth were cut down in their prime. No gentle decline into old age for them, their future taken away by a moment of greed. What was theirs was wanted by another, and so death was planned on a blue sky day.
Today the garden may be barren, but my vase overflows.

© ceenoa

10 responses to “Death – A Short Paragraph Story”

  1. Lovely words and photo. Enjoy the flowers in your vase.

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    1. Thanks Ruth. I do feel sorry for the garden afterwards though.

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  2. Very fitting- and I hope you enjoy your overflowing vase.

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    1. i actually haven’t picked them yet, but they are popping out everywhere now, so it won’t be long.


  3. Mine were murdered by an animal. All the stems of my daffodils, jonquils, and other flowering bulbs, nipped at various points along the stem, and then left lying on the ground. Not eaten. I’m a little suspicious it was a kangaroo because they were high and not eaten, but probably just a clever possum.

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    1. arrgh, how frustrating for you. I wonder if the flower has any preference for human or animal slaughter? (yes, I know I have weird thoughts!)

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  4. What a wonderful piece of writing. I had no idea where it was going and I am so jealous that you have daffodils in the garden.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. I’m enjoying these little ambiguities that keep popping into my head.
      I am just wondering what will happen when spring actually hits though – everything is blooming so early I think they will have to run out of steam!

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      1. It happened here in the UK this year, Claudette. We had daffodils out in early January. However, they just kept coming and by April were still in evidence. Autumn seems to be making an early appearance here at the moment. Mind you we’ve had had one of our coolest and wettest Summers on record. I knew I should not have put those shorts on when I did! People are blaming me 🙂

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        1. Hope you learn your lesson then Hugh, – keep the knees hidden. 🙂

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