Emotography Showcase – Week 3/2016

The Emotography Participants for this week are listed below, please check out their entries.

Sue from snaphappi  with “Relieved”

Skybright from Head to Heart with “Tenacity”

Ruth from RuthsArc with “Calm”

Osyth from Half Baked in Paradise with “Hope”


To discover what the Emotography Participation Event (EPE) is all about please follow the link.  If you already know what it is about and you (still) would like to participate in the 4rd week, simply create your post and leave a link to it as a comment (alternatively you can leave a pingback) under my weekly entry which is published on a Thursday (Australian Time).

3 responses to “Emotography Showcase – Week 3/2016”

  1. […] joining Claudette at to search and to find and sharing the emotion behind the […]

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  2. I have to say I’m particularly partial to Ruth’s. This is an awesome idea, and I hope to participate at some point in the future!

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    1. That would be lovely. And, yes, Ruth’s was great. 🙂

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