Tuesday Musings

Verbosity can be a monstrosity
but Silence hides too many sins

© ceenoa

I don’t know why this popped into my head – but I felt compelled to type it.


10 responses to “Tuesday Musings”

  1. As usual a small amount of words to say so much. It reminds me of the nurses who have the guts to speak out on incompetent doctors only to be shunned thereafter Yes I think it is always wise to be verbose and to speak out regardless of the repercussions as silence does hide too many sins and it only takes one person to speak out to save others…..

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    1. True Kaz. Glad to see you popping back in. 🙂

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  2. I agree with KAZG10, a small amount of words can say a great deal and on quite a deep level. Those two lines really resonated with me for some reason.

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    1. Thanks Lily. I don’t really know why they came into my mind, but once they were there I could only get rid of them my moving them onto the screen.

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  3. Don’t worry about the reason, you’re right on both counts! Well penned words!

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    1. Thanks a bunch. Nice to know others can get something from my musings.


  4. I like this. Verbosity is often a writer’s disease, which is why an editor is essential. Politicians are guilty of it too. Not sure about the silence part – there’s merit in keeping one’s own counsel I think.

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    1. Hi Suzy. yes, silence can be a good thing I agree. I am not sure what made my mind think these things should be strung together, bu there you go, sometimes I just have to type what my brain insists on thinking.


  5. I believe Secrets are deadly, and those secrets are hidden in Silence

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    1. Certainly secrets seem to have a habit of becoming unsecret, usually at a bad time!


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