A Year Old Thought

Dear old FB, tonight it reminded me of a post I made a year ago, and after pondering it a little while, well, actually about 1 microt (and if you don’t know what a microt is, shame on you – go watch Farscape immediately), I actually realised it was a telling statement on my life of a year ago.

What I had thought was just a random statement of fact, that did not have any special, deep or meaningful import, was, with hindsight, a very telling indictment of my life – specifically my then work life.

So now, after stringing this post out with a lot of jumble pre-wordage (yep, I did just type that!), just to justify the actually sharing of the statement (and to fill in the gap wherein I have not been actually writing anything lately), I give you my Thought of a Year Ago:

Life is too short to wear shoes you don’t love.

Consider it my gift to you this week.

Think about it deeply – and tell me it does not resonate with you in some fashion.

P.S. just to round out this post, I give you a photo of shoes I DO love, I should wear them more often.

New Shoes (1)