WordPress Suggestions

Anyone else ever notice those “suggestions” at the top of your reader?

I noticed them a while back, when one day it had some weird topic (can’t remember what it was exactly now) which made me go WHAT?!

I’ve been keeping an eye on mine today, pondering the offerings, and I really wonder about what sort of algorithm they are using, or is it just totally random?

Todays’ suggestions – in between reading posts are as follows:

Suggestions#1: Pride, Robots, Colorado.
Suggestions#2: Farm, DIY, Books.
Suggestions#3: Robots, Batman, Psychology.
Suggestions#4: Sharks, Vegan, Politics. 

I think it’s the combinations that get me – #4 is particularly quirky, with the poor Vegans bracketed by sharks on both sides.

Perhaps WordPress is sending some secret code out to us all – if only we knew how to interpret it.

A Year Old Thought

Dear old FB, tonight it reminded me of a post I made a year ago, and after pondering it a little while, well, actually about 1 microt (and if you don’t know what a microt is, shame on you – go watch Farscape immediately), I actually realised it was a telling statement on my life of a year ago.

What I had thought was just a random statement of fact, that did not have any special, deep or meaningful import, was, with hindsight, a very telling indictment of my life – specifically my then work life.

So now, after stringing this post out with a lot of jumble pre-wordage (yep, I did just type that!), just to justify the actually sharing of the statement (and to fill in the gap wherein I have not been actually writing anything lately), I give you my Thought of a Year Ago:

Life is too short to wear shoes you don’t love.

Consider it my gift to you this week.

Think about it deeply – and tell me it does not resonate with you in some fashion.

P.S. just to round out this post, I give you a photo of shoes I DO love, I should wear them more often.

New Shoes (1)

Question 28: The Idiocy of English Spelling

In the middle of last night, this question gave me grave concern
and the answer to my pondering, I would gladly learn.

Why do we spell Uncle and Ankle differently?

The last syllables of each word sound the same but we changed a letter – where is the logic in that!

Are there other words that make you wonder why?