Monday Musing

I am a simple rock
and you may judge me ’cause I’m not
a glizty bit of bling,
but the benefits of this are such,
that I will not be plucked,
and cut
and stuck
in a garish ring.

© ceenoa

8 responses to “Monday Musing”

  1. Ah, the story of my life. Rather a simple rock than a a glitzy bit of bling.

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    1. I am accustomed to being a rock now – once upon a time I long to be an emerald.

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      1. Well I think you’re an absolute gem. 🙂

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        1. 🙂 you are so nice Miss Moose

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  2. Well that proves it then, much better to be unnoticed than “seen”.

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  3. I love rocks, they have weight and presence , they’re tactile with a pleasing smoothness or enough roughness to allow something beautiful to grow on them, they glint with small specks of mica but sooth with their greyish hues. They’re dependable and strong, they will last and not get dropped down the drain when taken off and placed next to the basin in the dark.

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    1. Yep. Rocks …rock 😉


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