Thursday Thought(less)

How doing the laundry is like having a bath

Immerse in water
Dispense detergent
spin dry or drip dry on line


Get in bath
Grab soap
Start thinking of all my worries
Sink under water to try and stop thinking
Twist around to reach towel – or drip all over floor to reach it hanging on rail

12 responses to “Thursday Thought(less)”

  1. Brilliant – just brilliant! 😀

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    1. Thanks Osyth – just a bit of silly 🙂

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  2. What a happy way with words you have lovely sister!

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    1. Huh, no good trying to butter me up – you stole them all the other day with your Time piece 😉


  3. Laundry: Take clothes from spinner, give a good shake to get wrinkles out as you hang them on the line.
    You: Get out of bath, look back and shake worries from your mind to go down the plug hole.
    Otherwise they will go to bed with you! And they are very uncomfortable bedmates!

    PS Can you “solve” anything you are worrying about in the evenings? No? Then try to leave it down the drain till the next day.
    Laundry: breeze blowing clothes in a relaxed easy fashion.
    You”: Hobby gaining your attention and giving therapy to make things easier.
    Hope your laundry and you get “dried and wrinkle free” soon

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    1. That’s a nice follow on. I shall ponder it next time the bath calls. Thanks.


  4. Oh, I miss a bath. We just have a shower. Love the above comment about letting your worries flow down the drain. Good advise.

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    1. I really, really love my bath. Wouldn’t want to live in a place that didn’t have one.

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