Emotography – Week 43/2016


Standing Up

Sometimes you just need to stand tall, speak your piece and hope others listen.


If you would like to participate with your own Emotography, check out my  EPE Invitation where I explain what it all means and tell you how.

18 responses to “Emotography – Week 43/2016”

  1. […] Emotography) and leave a link to it as a comment (alternatively you can leave a pingback) under my weekly entry which is published on a Friday (Australian […]


  2. Amen. And beautiful picture (as always) 🙂
    Just a shame standing up and speaking is so hard!

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    1. Yes, it can be very hard, but we should do it more, it would help our mental stress levels. 🙂

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  3. A great reminder that we do, often need to hold our heads up. Mostly in fact though so often we want to just cast the eyes down and not draw attention to ourselves. Well I do anyway ….

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    1. Yes, it is easier to write it than to live it sometimes, and it is hard to fight against that tendency to not want to draw attention. But, if it matters to us, we should stand and speak our piece quietly with strength and conviction.

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      1. I love those words ‘speak our piece quietly and with strength and conviction’ – absolutely love them. And I will remember them when I really should be standing tall rather than reverting to skulking in the shadows 😊

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        1. Oh Osyth, how lovely of you to feel that. I can’t imagine you skulking in the shadows, slipping through them like a quiet sylph perhaps, the wisp of a kind spirit. Have a fab day/night (I can never work out what time it is in any other parts of the world). 🙂

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          1. Thank you so much for those sweet words. I shall treasure them. Funnily enough my husband, he of the vast mathematical and scientific brains, struggles to work out time zones much of the time. My brother in Perth is 13 hours ahead of me and my Uncle north of Brisbane is 15 and if it is Melbourne where my cousin’s daughter lives it is 16 ahead. Which means when I am in France it is slightly less dramatic because they are 6 hours ahead of us here in Massachusetts. One of the things that makes me smile rather meanly to myself is that the USA which considers itself to be the most advanced of countries (they teach the children that it is the single First World Country the rest of us being second or third world) is constantly behind the game in matters of time and date!!! Sleep well! 😴

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            1. 🙂 I like that thought, I think they are behind the game in so many aspects. 🙂

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              1. I would suggest in most respects …. I find it to be the most parochial nation 😉

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  4. That’s something that I always try to do. And even if no one listens, at least I’ve had my say.

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    1. It is important to do so 🙂

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