There’s always a price

There’s always a price, even if it’s not known,
there’s always a price, even if it’s not shown,
so before you agree, make sure you can see,
the cost that you’ll pay, clearly.

© ceenoa

3 responses to “There’s always a price”

  1. Excellent advice at every level. Buyer beware even if you don’t understand that you are buying

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    1. it came to me because people are often say: “i would give anything to do …….” In my past I have said it, and I have come to believe that I invoked the cost, without really thinking what it might be, or that someone else may have to pay the larger portion of it. The Universe provides, as best it can, but sometimes it is not what you thought you were asking for! Clarity of requests are needed 🙂

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      1. So true …. all of that is so true and the Universe, like Father Christmas (!) does need specific parameters and requirements and a clue as to why if she is going to provide the exact bespoke we want or need. She does her best like all good mothers ….

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