“On This Day” Repost – Christmas in Tasmania

It’s that time of year – the week before Christmas.  Are you feeling it yet?  Facebook reminded me how I felt back in 2014, when I wrote this post.

Raspberries and Strawberries,
picked fresh from the bush,
the smell of fresh cut hay,
on a summers evening hush.

A thunderstorm with lightning,
flashing in the dark,
the mouth-watering aroma,
wafting from bbq’s in the park.

All of this says Christmas,
in the place that I call home,
my island state of Oz land,
what means Christmas where you’re from?

© ceenoa

17 responses to ““On This Day” Repost – Christmas in Tasmania”

  1. Nice of FB to remind you of how you felt. It’s come way too fast for me this year. Have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂

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    1. I hope you do too Miriam. I’m looking forward to having all my little family with me.

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  2. what a lovely poem and what a reminder that we live in different hemispheres. It is snowing here in Grenoble. That, if one is lucky on my side of the world is what we imagine Christmas to be. Pine scented, turkey bronzed, christmas pudding laden with spice and snow. In France, it’s different again but since the child-me is English, then the imagined Christmas will always be English!

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    1. It is funny how Christmas is mostly defined by our childhood – hopefully in a good way, as was mine. Summer, lupins, hay, dry earth – an Oz Christmas for me 🙂

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      1. Yes, I was fortunate… Christmas has a cosy childhood lining for me. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a joyful one. Filled with laughter. And a New Year swathed with peace and contentment and love. 🌸

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        1. I gratefully accept your wishes, double them and gently hand them back to you. Merry Christmas Osyth.

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  3. My desert Christmas is close, though a bit chillier. We perform a “let’s pretend it’s colder than it is and have hot chocolate.” I’ve heard of some who have their fireplace blazing AND air conditioning going at the same time. That’s how deluded we are! 😀

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    1. 🙂 I have never understood the need for a cold Christmas (I did have one in London, and it was horrid). Summer is just the right time for Christmas for me. Whatever the temperature, I hope you and your loved ones enjoy it in peace and happiness.

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      1. I’m in agreement with you there — a sunny Christmas day is best! Hope yours is a beautiful one.

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  4. Despite my making fun of it all the time, Oklahoma is Christmas to me. Dark and freezing outside, but warm, twinkling lights and expectation on the inside…

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    1. “expectation on the inside” – sums up Christmas when I was a child. Thanks Brian.

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    1. Oh WD, such wonderful memories. Thank you for sending this to me, What a precious gem you have glowing in your heart.

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  5. A Christmas tree with coloured lights, Christmas cards hang along a string across the wall, stockings ready at the end of the bed, and the sound of sleigh bells in the distance. I was hoping for a white Christmas this year, Claudette. However, it’s foggy, damp and mild, but we may get snow later next week. It’s always the case with the snow at Christmas. It always arrives too late.
    Enjoy your Christmas in the sun. ✨

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  6. Perhaps Santa will drag some from the North Pole for you Hugh. Mum used to have the cards hanging on string under the mantlepiece. 🙂
    Have a great Christmas.

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