View of a hole

I had a niggly little thought
but it was full of holes
and so I didn’t say it, but left it in my head
and that’s as good as any place
to store it I suppose.

I had a little leaf
and it was full of holes
and yet they made it beautiful, an elegant design
so I found a way to keep it safe
and let it’s whole self show.

IMG_20190306_111355 sized

4 responses to “View of a hole”

  1. What a cool piece of art! But, now, I’m wondering how cool the thought unsaid was going to be? cheers

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    1. Thanks Wd – do not worry, the unsaid thought was not cool 🙂


  2. Oh, I like the art piece quite a bit. Perhaps it’s a text fragment from an ancient, distant language… 😉

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    1. It is undergoing delicate renovation – eg, getting more resin on it, becuase every time I gloss coat one side I leave drips of sticky fingers ont he other. By the time it is finished (now) I hope, it will certainly be well encased to alst another hundred years.

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