SOD #6


Now how could I resist that!

The dogs lazed on the floor, tongues lolling, ears twitching.
The master sashayed around the room, doing a bad impression of Austins Powers,
“Groovy baby, lets make some Art” he said, as he flung the dog food in their bowl and started taking pictures of the splattered empty can!


If you want to find out what SOD really means – read this post.

8 responses to “SOD #6”

  1. Ooooh! Performance art with canines – what fun! 😄

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    1. Hmm, not so sure myself, but hey it fitted the SOD

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  2. That’s a pretty nifty idea! I might just try it. 🙂

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    1. Please do, love to see what you make of it.

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  3. I’m definitely doing this after I get Madison and her grandma taken care of.

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    1. Ok, sounds good. I’m selfishly hoping there is a fair bit more of Madison and her Grandma.

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      1. the adventure continues …

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