I’ve know I’ve been gone

I know i’ve been gone, for a very long time,
and most likely I will be again,
it’s just that some things had taken my mind,
to a place where there was no rhyme.

to a person who “verses” that is not very good,
to be stuck in that place was hard on my heart,
and trying to force it, is not what you should,
as forced versifying will break you apart!

so take it however you wish to do,
with a pinch of salt or the warmth of a smile,
when truly I say that I have missed you,
and I’ll try and tarry, here with you, a while.


P.S – however, the fact that this new editor does my head in when trying to compose text probably is not going to help. Why does it add huge spaces between my lines, or none at all when I write a verse?

16 responses to “I’ve know I’ve been gone”

  1. I had the choice of classic or block when I posted and preferred the classic I was used to.

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    1. Yes, I used the Classic, but it still gave me spaces between the lines. Will have to do some more looking I guess. Thanks Sue.


  2. Did you use the paragraph block or the verse block? The verse block has been specially designed for poetry. For other blog posts, you need only use the paragraph and image blocks. The more you use them, the easier they become. And as WordPress is slowly moving all blogs over to the Block editor, the Classic editor will only be available via the Classic block.

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    1. Oh, didn’ know there was one for verse, thansk Hugh. WIll have a look at that. It was late, and I jsut felt like posting, so didn’t really examine the options. Hope you and yours are all well and happy.

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      1. No worries, Claudette. The number of blocks available can be rather overwhelming. I only regularly use about five of the blocks available. Here’s a link to all the different blocks available.


        I recommend just sticking to the simple ones.

        Although the old Classic editor is still available, WordPress has stopped supporting it. It’ll soon disappear completely, although the Classic block is staying.

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        1. Thanks Hugh. I jsut like something simple, so the old editor was good, as i could see what i wanted and didn’t have to faff around with trying to work things out. I will have a gander at the other blocks too at some stage. Thanks again.

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          1. What you described in your last comment is exactly how I felt when I first joined WordPress, Claudette. There was so much to learn not only about blogging but how the Classic editor worked too. Still, with practice, I soon found my way around.

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            1. I did some stuff yesterday, updating some pages on the website, and it got a little better. Thansk for th eencouragement.

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  3. Well, I will welcome you with the warmth of a smile and say “Welcome back and stay a while if you can”.

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    1. Ah, you are always so kind DIck, thank you. May you are yours all be helahy and hapy in this weird world we now all live in.


  4. Of course I missed you terribly, but I fully understand needing some time away. Forced words often aren’t the right words…

    As for the new editor, when I go to click on “Add New” to start a fresh post, there is a dropdown just to the right which allows me to select the “Classic Editor”, and then everything is familiar and comforting after that. I don’t know how long that option will be there, but I plan on using it until it’s not…

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    1. Ah, thansk Brian. Yes, trying tomake something work when your heart isn’t in it is too hard – and sometimes a break just gives you new appreciation for what you have.

      As to the Editor, I did click the Clasic, but it displayed with a ful space line between each row of my text of my verse, so in the end i switched to the HTML editor so i could just type line after line, and it did work out (with some frustrations). I have been told there is a block just for poetry verse, so I will check that out soonish.

      Hope you and yours are all well and healthy and happy as you can be in this strange world of 2020.

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  5. Good to see you again 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jesska, hope you are well.


  6. Welcome back, Claudette. You’re a welcome site in my inbox. 🙂
    Lovely verses, too. It was good you waited until they flowed, unforced.

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    1. Thanks Christi – versifying is a “feast or famine” thing for me – hopefully i am moving into a more food situation 🙂

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