Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop Party

The very lovely Hugh has had another fantabaroonie idea for a party – the Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop Party.

I, of course, could not resist the opportunity to put on my glittery thongs (look at the feet, people) and my very best Akubra hat (with dangling glittery corks around the brim), sling my swag over my back and waltz off to his party.

As per his instructions I am bringing with me my someone who brings a guaranteed smile to my face every time they post a blog – even though I do not know them.  See, I’m an Ocker and I’m friendly like that  🙂

So, without further ado (Ado couldn’t come, he had a toenail emergency and couldn’t find support thongs) here is Penny Redshaw from Motivating Giraffe.  A lovely Aussie girl drawing giraffes – absolutely makes sense to me.  She very kindly lets you share her pictures (although give the girl some credit, and credit her with the source of the unique dots of happiness) and has a digital download hi-res page too.

So, there you have it, me with my stylish and oh-so-typically-australian-party-going-outfit and Penny with her Giraffe.  Hope you have a very high roofline Hugh.