Awards – the birth of an Idea

Recently there has been a lot of the Liebster Award going around (when you say it like that it sounds like a disease).  I can see that it can be fun to complete, I can see that it will generate some traffic between bloggers, but  I’m still in two minds about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the general idea, but I’m not big on following rules on the internet.  I’m wondering why the number chosen is 11?  Does it have some magical properties I don’t know about?  I’m not sure who started this Award, but, personally, I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the 11’s.

So, I decided to try my own version, an award of my own, The “Bare for Fred” Award.  Inspired by my best friend Fred Bare.

Fred Bare

 If you don’t like playing by the rules
if you’re a non-conforming person
feel free to pick and choose
you don’t have to pass it on.
You can use any number
just keep it kind of small
something like 7, 3 or 5 or 1
or no number at all.
It’s for you entertainment
it’s just a bit of fun
you can choose to make a statement
or even to make none

So if anyone wants to play, here are my 3 questions for you:

Where do you think the socks go when they disappear?

If you were a Zebra and could choose your 2 colours, what would the be?

Do you like frogs?

That’s all there is to it, Fred Bare will be watching in an – tic – i – pation.
(He’s a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I had to tell him suspenders really didn’t suit him, he was pretty depressed about that).