Windows 8

I bought a brand new laptop
it’s silver and it’s sleek
but to learn to use it
is gonna take a week

it’s Windows 8 and app tiles
i’m not used to this design
the start button is not the start
it’s gone and blown my mind

i struggle with the interface
“now where do I find that?”
i frown a lot and mutter
a I slowly start to crack

i just got used to 7
after giving up XP
to learn a whole new layout
is really testing me

i know I’m old and cranky
and my head is full of mush
but i really miss the buttons
that I knew how to push

i keep losing all the programs
i think it’s time to stop
i’m getting mighty frustrated
’cause i’ve lost my own desktop

it’s off to bed for sleep time
to sleep, and not to dream
of windows 8 and laptops
that make me want to scream.