Thoughts on Blogging

I didn’t want you to be just a habit
another tick on the list of the day
and so I said
“let’s have a break”
thinking it would only be a short while
a “holiday” from self-created duty

but now I find that I
am diminished by our seperation
and yet reluctant to return
I desire the reward without the effort
so I gently chide myself
and type these words to share.

© ceenoa


I’m not what you’d call a coffee snob
with a percolator on the stove
I don’t savour the aroma of brewed beans beneath my nose

there’s no gleaming stainless steel machine
just waiting to be used
for espresso, cappuccino, or those funny ones called pods

I possess no little doodad
to froth or steam it up
no filters that it drips through as it oozes to my cup

In my milk and water I pour powder
courtesy of Nescafe
for I like my coffee simple, a hot mug of chai latte.


Ping Pong Balls in Vacuum

The ping pong balls are rattling
in the vacuum of my head
my little thoughts aren’t buzzing
the electricity is dead.

I stuck my finger in the socket
hoping to find the spark
but all i got was frizzy hair
and pictures in the dark.

I cranked up the generator
and it started with a groan
but it just run out of petrol
so you’d better all go home.

I’ve tried to think of funny stuff
some witty repartee
but it is all a big fat bluff
my brain is quite empty.

the ping pong balls have stopped now
they’re lying on the floor
I trod on one and squashed it
so there isn’t any more.

©  C Woolley 1/4/2014

Another little ramble in verse


deep in the dark they are gathered
around the flickering light
for now is the time of watching
in the depths of the quiet night

slowly the shapes they gathered
and across their faces they flew
now the ears they were listening
to the song of the old, and the new

quietly I stalk up behind them
and yell, with my face turning red
pick up your clothes – turn off the tv
it’s a school night, and it’s time for bed!

© C Woolley 9/5/2013

The Ginger Jar

It wasn’t where I left it,
I’d looked on every shelf,
“I would swear, I left it there”
I muttered to myself.

It wasn’t in the cupboard,
I only found a sock,
it wasn’t in the garden
buried underneath the rocks.

I looked under the table,
but I couldn’t see it there,
I even took the cushions off
each and every chair.

“Where could you be?”, I said to me
– it didn’t answer back,
and just “because”, I had a look
inside the old spice rack.

It was nestled at the bottom
of the musty ginger jar,
I tipped it out, then dropped it,
but it didn’t roll too far.

I picked it up and held it,
and told it what I thought,
that I’d be lost without it
and my day be without worth.

I twisted it and pushed it,
put it back where it belonged,
for a day without some humour
just makes my day too long.

© C Woolley 9/5/2013

Windows 8

I bought a brand new laptop
it’s silver and it’s sleek
but to learn to use it
is gonna take a week

it’s Windows 8 and app tiles
i’m not used to this design
the start button is not the start
it’s gone and blown my mind

i struggle with the interface
“now where do I find that?”
i frown a lot and mutter
a I slowly start to crack

i just got used to 7
after giving up XP
to learn a whole new layout
is really testing me

i know I’m old and cranky
and my head is full of mush
but i really miss the buttons
that I knew how to push

i keep losing all the programs
i think it’s time to stop
i’m getting mighty frustrated
’cause i’ve lost my own desktop

it’s off to bed for sleep time
to sleep, and not to dream
of windows 8 and laptops
that make me want to scream.

My Weirdness for the Week, Lamenting the loss of LIRF, Questions from Billy

Last year I started a page on facebook called LIRF (Let Imagination Run Free).  It was inspired by some late night madness posting by my sister and her 2 youngest daughters.  Unfortunately, other peoples enthusiasm for it didn’t last long, but whilst it did some nice bits of collaboration happened. here is one of my favourite pieces, the first part is written by my sister and the reply is by me.


“Mum,” said Billy, one summer night,
While moths flew round the veranda light,
And crickets chirped by the swimming pool,
While the stars shone bright like a thousand jewels,
“If you could fly like a bird that’s free,
Where would you go, and what would you see?”

© Merrin Woolley 2013

“Billy”, I said, “I would fly out to the sea,
Twinkling under the moon, landing soft on the sand,
I’d walk to the shore, dip my toe in the foam
and I’d send out a wish that your Dad would come home
for it’s clear that he’s needed, by you and by me,
to answer your questions and get us our tea”.

© C Woolley 2013


“Mum,” said Billy, one summer night,
While moths flew round the veranda light,
And crickets chirped by the swimming pool,
While the stars shone bright like a thousand jewels,
“If you were a hero, like on the TV,
What would your super power be?”

© Merrin Woolley 2013

“Billy”, I said, “You just listen to me
Forget Wonder Woman, I’m better than she,
I’m a lover of peace, but I fight every night
I’m a hero of Justice, I put things to right
I battle the armies of crazy despots
I rattle my sword as I scrub out the pots,
To protect you I’d face down all the evil that comes
There’s no super power like that of your Mum’s”.

© C Woolley 2013