An Answer for CJ: smile with Pam Ayres

I have been immortalised in a Limerick (read to the end of the post to find it, you’ll enjoy reminiscing about rhymes as you do) by Christi at Feeding on Folly, and so I have reciprocated with a verse of my own.

Christi had asked, via Feeding on Folly,
for our favourite poets, and I thought, Golly;
I have to say, I have to share,
for a laugh a minute, it’s always Pam Ayres.

My love of Pam comes from my Mum,
who played her tapes when we were young,
Pams’ accent and enunciation,
filled my mind with speculation.

The joy of words she brought to my ears,
humour and laughter through the years,
for poetry should make you smile,
and ponder life for just a while.

So thanks, CJ, for your reminder,
that snippets of time are sampled wider,
when life can be shaped into poetry,
and shared between a friend and me.

© ceenoa