Echidna Crossing

Driving North on Wednesday I happened to spot an echidna crossing the highway. The road was empty so I pulled to the side to take a photo.

Echidna Crossing (2)

Just then a huge semi came barreling down the road and drove over the top of “Echi”.  It was with great relief that I saw the there was no squashing effect as “Echi” wobbled off across the road a little more, but then another semi and a car came down and drove over “Echi”.  Again, immense sigh as “Echi” emerged unscathed, however, it appeared that being run over multiple times had confused “Echi’s” sense of direction, so now they were heading back to the original side they started from … and straight towards my car.

Echidna Crossing (1)

Good opportunity for some photos I thought, so I snapped away, but then “Echi” walked right under MY car – and didn’t come out the other side! Hopping out I looked under the car, and there “Echi” was, hard up against the inner of my tyre! (Why I didn’t think to take a photo of that I do not know).

I gently poked “Echi” with a stick to encourage movement – but no good. What to do, what to do? A few more pokes and all that was achieved was to make “Echi” dig in to the ground. After a little thinking I decided to gently move the car forward and angle closer to the edge of the road – all the time cringing to feel a bump that would mean bad things for “Echi”.

Having done so I hopped out to see if that had made “Echi” move, and this is what I saw:

Echidna from behind

Echidna Front on

I am happy to report that “Echi” was still digging into the road as I drove off.