Shameless Self Advertising

Some of you may know that I used to have a hobby!  I used to enjoy making a little bit of jewellery, playing with glass, wire and polymer clay.  Sadly I have just noticed that it has been over 2 months since I created anything.  Not sure why I have stopped, except that I still have too much jewellery hanging around my house.

I haven’t had anything in the local gallery for a long time, it all got a bit too hard to deal with when I increased my work hours, etc, (excuses, excuses),  So now I’m trying to sell it on the internet (which hasn’t worked out to be success for me, so far).  However, towards that goal I have marked down a lot of stock (some as much as 50% off) on my website.

If you’re in the market for a unique, handmade piece of jewellery, check out my Etsy shop

I promise I won’t do any more shameless self advertising, at least not until Christmas!

Sterling Silver Wrapt (4)Aqua stitchedBurgundy Ring (2)Blue stone ring (2)

Being bored leads to Shameless Self-Promotion

This afternoon i was bored.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to do, nothing to look at on the internet, I didn’t want to read my book, I was just bored!

I was so bored, that whilst I waited for D2 at the bus top, I took photos of everything.

So, here is a selection for your delectation:

my hand, my jeans, my hand again, an underside view of an insect on the car window


I also took a whole heap of other stuff that I later deleted – because it was even more boring than the photos above.

This morning on the way to work I wasn’t bored, and I took this photo of the boats as the mist lifted for the morning.  I’m not really a fan of boat pictures but they have been nagging at me for weeks to take a photo, so there ya go boats, you can shut up now.

ImageAfter not being bored at work, well I was a bit, but just in case the boss might be reading


I drove home and whilst I had to wait at the roadworks I took this picture, just to alleviate the boredom, you know?


So, following our very exciting daily theme here, I came home and, you guessed it, got bored.  I decided to change the theme I use for this blog, and after clicking through all of them decided to give “Spun” a whirl.  (edit: It didn’t whirl too good so had to change back)

Then I thought, (and this is where the shameless self-promotion comes in), why not be daring and add another page, and why not be shameless and put your “craftiness” out there for all to see?

So I did!

If you’re in the mood for some shameless self-promotion check it out here

thanks for listening