Reasons why you shouldn’t do housework

I asked the MOAA to come down for tea tonight, which pushed me into a mini-flurry of housework.  Keeping in mind some advice I read in a blog this morning (sorry, can’t remember whose it was now, sorry,sorry, sorry) about finding a reason to enjoy the things you have to do, my mind started versifying while I was cleaning the bathroom:

I’m not what you’d call houseproud
I do it when I must
I kinda like the cobwebs
they go well with the dust.

Then, I had this cheery thought whilst vacuuming the floors:

I’ve been thinking of windows
as eyes into my houses soul
so it makes me feel quite worried
when at night they start to glow.

 It quite put me off washing the floors, not sure what I might start versing next.

Zero to Hero – Day 6: Reading the Dream

The assignment for Day 6 is to write to our Dream Reader and include a new element in our post that we haven’t used before.

i have been thinking about this all day, and come to the conclusion that this blog is really all about things that I would love to tell my husband if he were still alive.  He is my Dream Reader.  So, even though I do not really believe it, a tiny part of my heart hopes that he is out there somewhere, his electrical soul floating around waiting for a way to connect with me, and maybe this is it.

So pay attention Andrew, this is all for you, 5 is the number, any 5, anywhere, I’ll know it’s you.

I wanted to embed a small video I had, but it has been too hard to try and convert it from an old DVD I had made, and find the small couple of seconds I wanted to pull out of it.  So, the thought was there, but the ability to do it tonight was not.  Perhaps when I have more time to crawl through all of the information on how to do that I will.

I think I can add our wedding song here though, so I’ll give that a shot


I have also chosen to share the poem I wrote for my husbands funeral service.  I know that I have used verse before (but I’ve put it in quotes today), but it deems to fit with my mood, and is certainly appropriate for my Dream Reader.

It is done
you are gone
I set your free, softly on the breeze
Your body to the fire
Your spirit to the sky, the earth, the sea

Our circle may be finished
In this life, this here and now
But there will be a new beginning
Sometime, somewhere, somehow

The laughter, love and memories
The children that we made
Will live in our soul forever
For these there cannot be a grave

So light the path for me
Through this time we are apart
My soul is bound to yours
We will never lose our heart

I will love you many times again
In other worlds to come
Where our love and life together
Once more we will begin